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Insulated Glove/ Sarung tangan listrik/ Elsec/ Kevlar/ Sarung tangan kimia/ Sarung tangan tahan panas/ Ansel/ Nitrile glove/ Alumunized/ Ansel Neogreen/ Elsec insulating 20kva/ Electro glove/ Elsec insulating glove 20kva/ Electrician glove/ Electrically i

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Elsec insulating gloves are made of natural latex with cotton absorption or heat retention inserts and even with leather overall gloves,
Elsec Electricians Rubber Insulated Gloves are " The First Line of Defense " in personal protection against accidental contact of energized lines or equipment.

Elsec Gloves for live working meets the requirements of European
Standard EN60903 having higher level of:

1. Mechanical resistance ( Category M)
2. Ozone resistance ( Category Z)
3. Extreme low temperatures resistance ( Category C) .

Each glove is individually tested and numbered and delivered with a certificate containing data from the electrical test. The best raw materials are used. The fully automated production process guarantees absolute stability of gloves technical parameters and ensures the high quality of gloves.

Manufactured from natural latex

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